Maximising your home or workspace with innovative small space design.

Welcome to Pocketspace Interiors!  We are an interior design company who specialise in small space and compact design, for both residential and commercial spaces.  With over 10 years experience in the interiors industry, we know how to use space as efficiently as possible and create custom solutions to make the most out of every environment. From a small custom laundry up to medium sized offices and large homes that want a more in-depth look into how their space is being utilised. We can show you how to get more out of it, all the while achieving a stunning interior scheme.


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Transform your office space with effective space planning to make the most out of your floor area and free up any excess that could be used in a more functional way. We can help you find ways to include additional storage, more desking and meeting spaces with some simple space planning, and provide you with a scheme that will impress your clients and inspire your employees.


Pocketspace can help you renovate or build anything from a small ensuite to a whole home. We can start with space planning to find the most effective use of your valuable space and deliver a layout that suits your lifestyle and personal taste. We can design custom kitchens, bathrooms and any other room in your home to work specifically with your requirements and needs.


Do you have a small space or an apartment that could be used more effectively? One of our core focuses at Pocketspace is making the most out of small spaces, both functionally and aesthetically. We can provide you with some fresh ideas and the most up to date products to get that little bit extra out of your small space.