William Aitken:

It was an incredible honour to work with William Aitken & Co, a company 70 years old and moving into its 4th generation of management. Pocketspace was hired to help that 4th generation move into a company that not only practised their values and heritage of the company, but also were physically represented in a space that showcases their company and work culture. 

William Aitken's office interior design with All Black Jersey in background
William Aitken & Co Office design
White textured table with wooden seats
Auckland office interior design
Business people at work in their newly designed office
A natural plant designed rug against a monochrome table and wooden chairs
Yellow seats next to a white table
Office interior design


OFFICE REFRESH & SPACE PLAN - Kingsland, Auckland.

"Laura at Pocketspace was fantastic to work with, she took our vision for the space and added her creativity and expertise to come up with a great solution to best fit our needs. I would certainly recommend her and work with Pocketspace again in the future."

Sam Aitken / William Aitken & Co.


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