Rossgrove Terrace was a particularly exciting project, the building its self was designed by Koru Architects almost 20 years ago, so provided an architecturally interesting space to work within from the get go. For this bathroom my vision was minimal and monochrome with a stunning marble wall which provided the depth and texture I was looking for.


Residential Interior Designers - Bathroom Renovations
Residential Interior Designers - Bathroom Renovations


For the tap ware and fittings, I selected a gunmetal finish which worked perfectly with the monochrome scheme and highlighted the darker veining in the marble and the aggregate in the polished concrete. The tap ware was hand crafted in Melbourne, providing an ultra slick, minimal aesthetic whilst being the best of quality. The smoked glass shower screen was such a big feature in this bathroom and I am so pleased with how it turned out! It added that little bit 'extra' and took this space to a whole new level of Luxe.

Due to the existing placement of plumbing in the solid concrete floor we chose not to change the overall composition of the room to avoid expensive plumbing work. 




The original bathroom had a built in bath spanning the entire back wall, making the sliding windows hard to access and causing a lot of wasted space either end of the bath. By tearing this out and replacing it with a free standing bath, we have gained back valuable floor area and made a much easier passage to the windows and been able to add in an open, walk in shower with smoked glass screen. The added greenery introduced to the end of the free standing bath is an essential part of this design. They provide some softness and height variation to the space. The plant stands were made from raw steel to tie in with the tap ware finish.


Natural bathtub design
Bathroom with a monochrome design
Sleek sink with a wide mirror 


The vanity and mirror cabinet were a custom design - By doing so we achieved a perfectly scaled vanity for this space with the exact finishes to match the existing polished concrete floors and new, satin white wall tiles. The push touch draw with an additional hidden draw was the ideal combo for this room as it provided plenty of storage, and having no handle complemented out minimal scheme. I love to design and incorporate custom vanities into my projects because I know that my client is going to receive the best quality fixtures that will last a life time. 

Vanity bench top: Caesarstone - Sleek Concrete. Vanity and Cabinet Mirror made by Park Lane Kitchens & Interiors Ltd, designed by Lucy Sargent.




The grey marble look tile is a 900x450 Italian porcelain tile. Going for a high quality, Italian porcelain tile over real stone was the ideal choice in this bathroom as it is non-porous, which makes it easy maintenance and doesn't require sealing. The great thing about Italian tiles is they have a higher variation making it look as realistic as possible without being the real deal. We used an epoxy grout, which again is non-porous so will hold its colour much better than standard grout and make it much harder for mould to grow.

Lucy Sargent.



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