An Incredible St Heliers home renovation which we have had the pleasure of assisting with and designing a fully custom kitchen and dining space set to be built mid 2018.


St Heliers kitchen design concept


The main source of inspiration for this home was a Mid-century / Palm springs oasis. Our clients are fortunate to have an abundance of space meaning we got to go all out in our design supplying them with everything on their wish list. Fully integrated fridge and freezer, with ovens in the island and integrated dishwasher means all appliances are hidden out of sight, making this kitchen a minimalists dream. Due to the amount of light in this open plan layout we can get away with going for a beautiful matte white and charcoal lacquer cabinetry with mitred draw pulls with a negative detail in the opposing colour. The long horizontal emphasis hitting that mid century aesthetic perfectly with a modern twist. 


Palm Springs inspired kitchen design


One of my favourite additions to kitchens we design is pocket doors on pantries. This gives our clients fully accessible kitchens with great flow and the ability to work with cupboards open. Keeping microwaves and toasters in the pantry ensures the bench top stays clear of clutter, and with a bench top like this, who would want to hide it! 


Pocket door kitchen design


The new home will be decked out with beautiful oak flooring which creeps its way into the kitchen in a island recess in a matching oak veneer, and in a custom oak bench seat in the dining space. By putting a charcoal backing where the breakfast bar stools are, it will make the white wire bar stools 'pop' and help hide any dirt scuffs from shoes. Beneath the the oak recess we have some additional push-to-touch cabinets for excess storage of appliances, platers and wine.


Bird eye view of kitchen


Less is more in my eyes. This long galley style kitchen with a whooping 3.8 meter long island in Caesarstone is going to give our clients maximum storage and circulation ideal for children and guests to gather around. A large window behind the induction cook top lets in maximum light and an in ceiling extractor makes this minimal look possible.


Open plan dining space


For the dining space our clients wanted to use their existing dining table and have plenty of storage and placement for a TV. I came up with the idea of a bench seat which would continue the oak veneer up onto the seat, and scattered with an assortment of cushions. A bench seats work great for kids as well when they have friends over as it provides flexiable seating numbers. Over head, open shelving provides a place to store personal items that they want to display, and the TV centred means it can be seen from both dining and kitchen. Against the charcoal wall the TV isn't drawing attention to itself and makes the white floating shelves 'pop' and have all the attention. 


Bird eye view of dining room concept


Additional cabinetry either side of the oak bench seat provides further storage for all excess kitchen wares and a space for crystal dining sets to be stored safely. 




Lucy Sargent.