A concrete boardroom with a wooden table matched with a mural with vibrant colors


The fitout for JWT was all about the materials. Staying true to the buildings historic traces but bringing a blend of contemporary design into the workspace. The materials danced through hard concrete, cast iron, through to soft sheepskin and rich leathers. The mixture provided a industrial stylistic approach.


Business people collaborating in an open bench plan office
The new JWT interior design

The layout was based on open plan centred around a few main areas such as the custom iron reception table, the private offices and the collaboration zone.It was important for JWT to have a flexible system that allowed for growth as the company expanded and design teams fluctuated depending on projects at the time.  Activity based working was also a new concept emerging in the creative industry so having ‘collaboration stations’ such as the bar leaner, beanbags and library provided private nooks and open space discussion areas.

JWT interior design with a JWT sign in the foreground and vibrant artwork in the background
A man working and another man playing guitar in harmony
JWT interior design 

JWT designed all the graphics that brought the space alive. An energetic palette of primary colours oozed throughout the fit out with bold graphic accents in strategic places. 

Laura Lochhead.


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