Faith City Church, Auckland NZ - Central Spine - Pocketspace Commercial Interior Design 


Pocketspace was engaged with this project April 2016. This design has been a labour of love converting a standard office into a place of connection and worship for Faith City in the epicentre of Manukau with project completing March 2018.


Ply Detail and Storage


The brief that I proposed was; to create a space that reflected a blend of international cultures, community faith and urban movement.  The main driver of this space was creating a central spine that represented the journey of faith as you move through the space from the front entrance. This was appropriating from the Tahuhu in a Wharenui.  From there laser cut ply wood panels surrounded the central pathway as a representation of support from the community within this journey of Faith. This matched the ply surrounding acting as additional seating and storage for the functional civic space.


Central Spine Carpet Detail 


The carpet provided a representation of blending of cultures to create one floor map in unity. The herringbone pattern provide dynamic movement throughout the space. The lines provide a visual break for the horizontal and vertical lines provided by the bones of the existing architecture and the central spine, which in phase two is becoming laser cut contours of Manukau heads.



The concrete pillars were left rough and raw to expose the urban movement and to contextually support the location within the epicentre of Manukau. I was asked so many times if I wanted them painted, by which I replied, why would you? It represents the trace of what was, to remind everyone of the journey they have already taken to get here.


Toybox Kids Playroom
Teepee in the Toybox Playroom


The Toybox parents room is a space where mothers, fathers and children under three can be included in the services in their own private space that doesn't disrupt the service when any un expecting crying occurs. We fitted this space with a Live Feed of the services, is completely sound proof, and the décor is soft, playful and a safe space for either parent to retreat to.


Aqua Blue Kea Decal 


The quirky Teepee tent, ply wood storage, learning tables and the separate breast feeding room with bright turquoise accents such as The Kea Artwork an example of this, and in Maori culture is a guardian for the people. It is a space that generations will love to be apart of. 


Teepee Detail
Charcoal Woollen Rug 
Mothers Feeding Room Armchair with Side Table and Magazine Holder


Our overall involvement included full space plan, in both 2D and 3D. The full rebuild building specification, lighting design, suspended ceiling design, kitchen and bathroom design and specification, soft furniture supply and install, exterior colours and design.

We wish Faith City and the community of Manukau many awesome times in this special civic space.

Laura Lochhead & Lucy Sargent.



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