AON Sydney was going through a culture restructure, which had already taken place in their other international offices.  What was involved for this project was a two-step process. First we had to re-spaceplan one of their levels to free up a 12x8m space, which was going to be the new innovation hub. The innovation hub was implemented to provide a space where interns, the tech department, and the marketing team could meet and collaborate new initiatives for AON. It had to cater for the new generation of activity based working individuals, and project teams. 

AON Insurance interior design
Office workstations on a hexagon patterned carpet
Multi-coloured carpet with matching seats of different shapes and sizes
Unique, colourful interior design of AON Insurance

There were three zones in this space; Soft collaboration, tech collaboration, and individual working spaces.  The Soft collaboration feature custom-made hex ottomans that replicated the same shape hex carpet tiles, and a mix of furniture by Martela. The Tech space has custom table with integrated power and data with collaboration software on the screen. The window provided the perfect space for a bench of hot desks that an intern could simply plug in and plug out whenever they need to.

A custom made green wall and acoustic ceiling tiles were the finishing touch to separate and provide an acoustic solution for the office desks near this space.

Laura Lochhead.


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