acg karaka cafeteria

We were engaged by ACG Strathallan in Karaka to complete a high-speed cafeteria fit out for the start of the school year. A cafeteria is a fun place for students to enjoy their break from classes and hang out with their friends, therefore it was important to the Principal and us for this to reflect in the interior while being inspiring and educational. 

When space planning this project it was important to keep in mind the large influx of students through the threshold between entry doors, and the cafeteria shop. There are common foot traffic areas that have been kept open so students do not have to weave through desks to move around the space. 

3D renders were a useful tool to communicate the overall design with ACG as it was important to show the zones and curated points of aesthetic interest that would make a successful school cafeteria. 

Having a clean palette to start from was great as the polished concrete floors and white walls called for a colour scheme introduced by us. We went for a bold industrial look paired with inspirational and education elements as we felt it was important for the students to feel motivated and invigorated while also having a break. 

In terms of furniture, we wanted to give students a diverse option of seating, and we did this through using bar leaners and stools, bench seats and tables, booth seating, and cafe tables with chairs that can be moved together or kept separate depending on the size of the group. 


Giving students adaptable seating arrangements means they feel comforted when entering the cafeteria as there will always be enough space for them as a latecomer to their group. The range of seating also breaks the space, provides varied height lines and gives students a range of seating options to utilise. This also allowed us to bring different colours and textures into the space. 

ACG Strathallan requested to use existing chairs as this means when they have larger events, they can merge with the chairs in the classrooms. There is a plan including provision for presentations to a larger audience in the cafeteria so that the space can be utilised not only for student break times. Making use of spaces like this is something that Pocketspace strives for as investing in multi-use spaces uses the full capacity of the clients budget, and creates a well-identified space that is pleasurable to be in for many purposes. 

The whole program was completed in 4 weeks, and we are very proud to have met the clients deadline with this turnaround. 

Laura Lochhead and Sarah Harkness.