Designing for residential design is one of the most rewarding processes for both Pocketspace and for you. The home emotes a sense of fondness, emotional attachment, and social engagement within each and every space. Which is why it is important that we craft an authentic tailored style and solution fit for when you come home every night. Pocketspace has experience in styling, re-design, custom solutions and art positioning no matter how big or small your home is, or however far you are into the design process. We encourage you to contact Pocketspace to find the exact fit for your requirements now. Let's meet up for a coffee and show me what you have, what you like and where you want to go with your project.

Sydney Apartment

Sydney Apartment


Now designing for a compact space is not easy. That is why we love it so much! Each space is different and each client needs a unique storage or design solution to best tailor the space. We encourage you to get in contact for a consultation. It doesn't have to be a custom solution either. There are plenty of readymade designs out there that we can help you find, install and potentially modify.  However from experience sometime custom solutions can be more cost effective than the monopoly of compact furniture. 

The process for small space design is simple. Contact Pocketspace 09 212 6820 for a free phone consultation and we can go from there.


Hi Laura,

residential consult

You gave such practical advice and all of the suggestions on the list can be very easily done or initiated by myself over a period of time ( not too long) as the budget becomes available.  I will definitely be back in contact with you for advice  once I get to the stage where furnishings such as curtains, carpet etc are on the horizon. Your idea about the French doors out from the second bedroom was also an interesting one and definitely up for consideration.

Thank you once again for all your great advice