garage and rumpus room garage design

A client approached me to design their garage. Admittedly not a space I’ve been asked to design much. But as we live smaller, we want to gain more lifestyle. If you think of a garage, it’s an expensive piece of real estate mainly used to house two cars and personal belongings. But what if it do more than that. What if it could be a dual space as a hangout spot for both the young and old in the household?

Below are fives steps to following in revamping your garage into a dual function space for your family.

1.     Identify the main person(s) using it. It might be mostly a teenage boy and his mates, and then the man of the house with a few mates to watch the rugby. Or it could be a daughter that needs to use it for dance or a mother for art. Really do a brainstorm on what activities will be taken place in this space.

2.     Once you have narrowed down your spatial activities, do an inventory of items that you need to keep in the garage. These could be Wetsuits- should we hang these up? Should we mount bikes on racks to gain more space, can we store suitcases in the garage trusses?

3.     Now we have an idea of how much real estate we can take up. You will need custom joinery to make clever storage/activity solutions. Need a bar leaner? Have a look where this can fold down. Perhaps we could build a cupboard unit, but the cupboard door also flips down then braces tight to form a leaner.

garage fold down table small space design

4.     Measure and double measure. This is imperative to a seamless install. Get an interior design professional in like Pocketspace or wardrobe designers might even help you out as they do a lot of laundries.

5.     Lighting and sound is worth a look at. Garages naturally come with very minimal lighting. So get a few more LEDs installed – even on a dimmer could be nice if your Teenager is watching a movie on beanbags out there. Also invest in some speakers and a TV that can be concealed so dust doesn’t get in to it if you decide to get the drop saw out one Saturday morning.

These are just a few tips to help facilitate the thinking process of tackling your garage. It makes sense that we claim back as much space as we can to increase our overall quality of lifestyle for yourself or for your children.

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