Martela Cube and Flyme #pocketspaceinteriors #lobydesign

Martela Cube and Flyme #pocketspaceinteriors #lobydesign

Lobbies, entrance ways, foyer, waiting room…”a room providing a space out of which one or more other rooms or corridors lead typically one near the entrance of the building.” There we go. The definition has it all. It is the one space that everyone walking into the building, goes through. It sets the tone for the entire experience that that person is about to have. Now you could just be leasing a level and share the lobby with others. If that’s the case, 7/10 times this lobby has no love, poor signage and is a generic space that was designed fifteen years ago.

There are a few tricks if you lease the space like freshen up with some artwork. Put some plants and seating in there. But if you are the landlord, this is where you need to step up.

1.       This is the main thoroughfare of the whole building so the flooring here needs to be replaced regularly. Carpet tiles are a great way of bringing your lobby to this century. When certain areas of the lobby get worn out, simply uplift a couple of old tiles and put in new tiles. It is cost effective, modern and generally recyclable. You can also dot some colour or texture through the tiles making that boring walk to the elevator a bit more endurable.

2.       Fresh paint. Hundreds of people go through this space over time. It needs to be repainted every two years. In areas that you notice always gets paint chipped or marked, opt for a wall covering. There are so many vinyls and commercial wall papers that are amazing.

3.       Lobbies generally are far too dark. Make sure all lights are now upgraded to LEDs and that you have enough of them! 

4.       Artwork and furniture. Add some personality and pride into the space with artwork. This also helps detract from other defects as it gives something for the eye to be stimulated with. Furniture is also key. it bulks up the space given it some visual weight, but also provides someone to wait if they are early or if they need to take a call before they go up to their destination. Make it large enough that two strangers dont need to sit side by side.

5.       Cosmetic touches like a new directory sign and plants can help the user of the space feel good whilst easily navigating through the space to find where they are going next.