Now this little retail nest egg, The Cheese Store, in Milford just captured my heart. From the moment you walk in you are under the spell of this quaint small store. Decked out with thin rustic wood panelling for the feature wall makes the space look intimate and lengthens the space. On the opposing wall the always cleaver blackboard helps convey quotes, tips and retail support. 

What really works for the design is the layering of textures within the quirky displays. The product mix of wooden cheeseboards and bone cheese knifes, coupled with eloquently decadent jars of locally made jams, chutneys and jelly's is oozing sass and on point with what they are trying to do here.

Then there is the cheese room. A push button glass door for consistent temperatures and ample choice of mouth watering cheese. The colours, textures and tones of the cheese creates its own sculpture artwork, each one fighting for your attention as you choose which one will accompany you for the evening.