Have a sneak peak at the Pocketspace daily board….This is where I choose a new scheme every morning to inspire me through my daily list of design work to get through. The importance of research, and tactile involvement with interior textiles and materials of the like is integral for fresh ideas that inspire my designs each and every day.


The thought was generated from university where we were to research online blogs and imagery for 30 minutes a day. They said back then that this a luxury and once you get to the workforce you wont have time to. But I honestly couldn’t picture a day without new thoughts, compositions and ideas. There is no way that I could keep delivering unique, chic and cutting edge designs to each and every client if I was complacent in my sourcing.

Many architects and designers ‘don’t have time’ to make an appointment to see the latest products out, but lets face it, they are doing a disservice to you by not providing you with the most latest products. Which is why at Pocketspace we aim to push boundaries and lead in the interior industry in both New Zealand and Australia.