Urban dwellers seem to be at a huge disadvantage in the opportunity to create lifestyle within their 40m2 apartments or office. We can design small space furniture, a tiny house, small loft design, apartment design and general small space overhauls, 


Having an everyday battle within the place you live or work – or both is a hard task for anyone. We shouldn’t need to have a frustration within the place we dwell. It should be a place that you can be inspired by, live better, play harder and work efficiently. At Pocketspace, we provide a full service from design to completion that will transform your cramped style, to a new way of living, working, playing. The climate of generous spaces are declining. So it’s our job to get you the most function out of your space as possible, and maintaining an urban aesthetic flair tailored to work for you. 


Small space attic ladder.jpg


The process:
Enquire within Pocketspace with your design brief, images of current space, and a plan of your space currently if you have one. We will always do a site measure later on, but a few key measurements will help to start the concept proposal. 
Think about what you want out of your compact space. Also what you are willing to compromise on. Do you entertain a lot (or would like to?) Do you have children and require space for playing, studying, or sleeping for those additional friends!
Once our proposal is submitted we will meet and discuss a few areas to develop and customise your personal stamp on your space.
All approved, we manufacture all the furniture, organise painters/flooring/lighting if required and work towards our given installation date where your ‘neatly packed together’ life takes form.
As an Interior Designer in Auckland and Sydney you would think we have seen it all...far from it! We can help with one room, one space, or the whole floorplan. It's really up to you and your budget.